A Military Funeral Service

Traditional funerals following a typical pattern are more frequently being replace by personalized funeral services. As a funeral professional, you have the opportunity to help your client families create a service that truly reflects the unique character of the life being commemorated. There are many options available to do this, and here we will cover five of the most impactful that will establish your funeral home as a progressive business, while gratifying your client families in their desire to celebrate the life and individualism of their loved one.

1. Tribute Videos

Thorough representation of the departed is imperative to a successful personalized service. One of the most meaningful ways to do this is to honor the departed with a video tribute. Including photographs that showcase the life story and major milestones and set to music selected by the family, video tributes may be played during visitation or memorial services. Simple software can help you create touching, expert presentations that will set the tone of the service.

2. Personalized Keepsakes

Unique keepsakes, such as candles customized with photographs and themes befitting the deceased can be made available to the family or all attendees. With the ability to keep memories alive, they are perfect for providing comfort during anniversaries or holidays. Other distinctive mementos are personalized holiday remembrance ornaments, bookmarks, pendants and jewelry. Touchstones that can be tangibly accessed deliver solace and continue remembrance. pemakaman muslim

3. Personal Objects

Use decorations during visitation or memorial services to focus on the favorite hobbies and passions of the deceased. Treasured books of an avid reader may be displayed, golf clubs for a golfer, a quilt made by a quilter, even cookies for a baker. Create an atmosphere that faithfully characterized the departed; mourners will find comfort in these objects that recall their loved ones’ interests during life.

4. Memorial Websites

Memorial websites allow friends and family to leave memories, photos and videos. Entirely representative of the personality of the deceased and virtually everlasting, they can be shared with everyone or restricted to a few. An online tribute like this can be visited at any time and updated whenever desired. The family may want to post the tribute video to this type of website, or even the recorded funeral webcast – with password encryption for privacy.


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