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Choosing the Perfect BBQ Smoker

Choosing the perfect BBQ smoker can be difficult because there are SO MANY to choose from. In every price range – from $50 bucks to $10,000 bucks there are several different choices. But it is your price range that is the most important deciding factor – so that is what you need to decide on first.

Money, Money Money

Of course, if you can afford a $10,000 custom-made smoker – then suggest getting a custom job with all the bells and whistles. But most of us can’t afford anywhere close to that, so we have to define a budget for our BBQ smoker.

If you have a small budget, or are just starting out, then I would suggest a Weber Smokey Mountain. It’s small, it’s easy to operate and it will be a great smoker that will get you the practice you need to start turning out top-quality BBQ.

The Weber Smokey Mountain (you might hear some people refer to them as WSM’s) actually holds temperature very well and they have the room you need to cook bigger cuts of meat.

You can even use these “starter smokers” in BBQ competitions. In fact, several KCBS BBQ teams just use a couple of these for entire contests. gippro煙彈 

Capacity, Capacity, Capacity

The grill you choose will have a lot to do with the function it will be performing. If you are just planning to smoke in your backyard for family and friends, then you don’t need a smoker that is really large.

If you are planning on cooking in competition BBQ contests, then you need a smoker that will handle the bigger cuts of meat (especially if you are going to start cooking in the MBN circuit). I would recommend a small, vertical (upright) smoker such as a Backwoods Party Model or FEC 100. Both these smokers are under $500 and if taken care of properly, they will last you a very long time.

Dry Heat vs. Wet Heat

There are 2 different types of smokers – Dry Heat Smokers and Water Pan Smokers. Water Smokers simply have a water pan that separates the fire source from the cooking chamber. As the fire source heats up, it turns the water into a “wet heat” and provides a moist cooking environment.

This water pan also acts as a heat regulator and keeps the internal temp inside the smoker at an even level. There are a few people that will try and argue that the water pan can prevent a nice bark from forming on the meat, but I don’t have any problem building my bark with a Water Pan Smokers.

I always use Water Pan Cookers because it gives me a juicer, more tender BBQ meat… but some of these smokers can be a little pricey.

The smokers some people refer to as “Stick Burners” don’t usually have a water pan and are Dry Heat Smokers. Some prefer these Dry Heat smokers because they claim to impart more smoke and give a better bark… but they don’t keep the meat quite as moist and the chambers are a little harder to keep at a steady temp.

But really, it all comes down to personal preference. I have meet BBQ pit masters using a Dry Heat Smoker who can cook meat that is just as moist as I can on my Water Pan Smoker. But I can produce the bark on my Water Pan Smoker that is prettier than any cooked on a Dry Heat Smoker.



Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR Review

Be amazed as you watch the action recorded by Spy Video TRAKR in color and that too with digital sound system, you just can’t ask for more in the spying toys category.

The Spy Gear’s TRAKR comes with built-in apps including Cyborg Vision, Night Vision, and Path Mapper, and the best part is that you can easily customize this intelligent electronic gadget with more apps that you can download for free.

Spy Gear’s TRAKR is classified as an RC controlled ATV power house and the best part is that this amazing TRAKR can drive over nearly any obstacle with its special stealth treads including piles of laundry, rugs, and dirt mounds. The thick plastic outer body of TRAKR gives it a sturdy appearance, and moreover, it is exclusively designed to meet uneven indoor surfaces.

Spy Video TRACKR – Video Surveillance on Wheels covering almost any Surface phone spy app

Children will have endless secret fun with the TRAKR. One fabulous feature of the TRAKR is how it can be easily controlled form a distance as it handles almost any terrain although it is not designed for water, snow or sand. Spy Gear’s TRAKR complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules, which clearly states that any device may not cause harmful interference and the device is designed to accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Spy TRAKR has a lot of ways to be played with. The detective in your child will love a Spy Gear’s TRACKR and would be amazed at the variety and fun activities that TRAKR provides.

Spy Video TRACKR – A Noisy Stealth Operation.

Many covert operators have found that Spy TRAKR makes some noise while maneuvering, and can’t be truly categorized as a proper toy for indoor reconnaissance missions. Also the remotes that form the main part of the TRAKR may be too small and difficult to grip for children.

The Spy Video TRACKR will make an excellent Christmas gift for any child with a keen interest in Hi-Tech gadgets and RC technology as well as extreme fun. The TRACKR will make for some hilarious robotic fun as you captures those candid moments in real-time. Just be sure to watch your back as there may be someone or something watching.


The Best Work From Home Task Management Solution

Time, in a sense is a precious commodity; you can neither save enough for later nor gain more. What you can do, is optimize your time with the best task management solution for your home based business.

The simplicity of this task management solution may leave you stumped but it is a reality that few embrace. In order to tap into the best task management solutions consider the following:

Task Point

What task are you going to work on? Describe the task in as little or as much detail possible to give you the necessary reminder of what you plan to do.

Include any additional “mini” or “sub-task” that you will need in order to accomplish the task point that you started off with. You may consider mind mapping the connected details.

At this point do not worry about any given order but rather think of it as a brain storming time of making the proper connections and establishing the possibilities.

Task Priority

Here is where you will decide which task has more priority your task point or your sub-task. It may be that you have to prioritize your sub-task in order to accomplish your overall task point.

Don’t over complicate this area, just simply put things down in a number order to give you an idea of what you need to get done in order of priority.

Task Purpose

This is very important and a step that should not be skipped. A task, well thought out and prioritized will mean nothing to your overall reason.

It is so easy to get caught up with the task, building the mind map connections, making the plans to prioritize and before you know it you have a daunting task ahead of you.

When the task becomes so big that you lose sight of your work at home purpose then it is in danger of becoming another undone task. This undone task can leave you wondering if what you are doing is really worth it. free alternative remote team management tools comparison

Ask yourself, “How will this advance my efforts to working from home?

This will also help you choose the task that are right for you but the overall simplicity of task management is by answering this question…

Can the Task or Sub-task be Done TODAY?

If you are unable to accomplish your given task today then consider breaking down your tasks further. Also do NOT take on more task than you can accomplish in one day.

If you find that the task is not accomplish in one day move it on to the next but if it is continued more than one additional day, ask yourself if the given task is even that important.

Accomplishing task on a daily basis will raise your level of motivation. You will feel good about yourself. Yes, this task management solution is that simple!

In fact many are stumped with this reality because the task point they started off with has become the priority and overall purpose, making it justifiable as to why it is so important to go on and on. In the long run the task will become boring and unprofitable to your overall work at home efforts.

A Comparison of iPhone And iPhone 3G

The movement that iPhone came into market brought a technical revolution in the cell phone market. People found some imperfections while loving it. So based on the weakness of iPhone, Apple Inc. launched the second generation of iPhone, iPhone 3G in 9th June, 2008 which had been improved in many parts. So we will make a comparison of the two generations to see what had been changed in iPhone 3G.

1. Outlines.
As we can see from the pictures that the colors of iPhone is part black and part white. But iPhone 3G is totally black or totally white. The covering of iPhone was metal while the 3G’s was plastic so the 3G is a little lighter than iPhone. And about the size of two cell phones, 3G is a little bigger than iPhone which is hard to been found by eyes. Buy unlocked iphone online

2. Main Body
Comparing with iPhone, iPhone 3G took lessons from the design of MacBook Air, so the arc on the back of cell phone made the phone looks much more beautiful. The other point was that the headphone connector that was a big problem in the past Apple products was improved. The 3.5 mm headphone jack was designed on the side of the cell phone and it makes every kind of headphones possible to be applied.

3. Networks
The difference of networks was most obvious difference of the two cell phones. iPhone did not support the 3G networks that made it a target to be criticized by the medias. This time, iPhone 3G had stepped up to 3.5G level and support WCDMA/HSDPA networks. According to Jobs’ saying the speed is much faster than Nokia N95.

4. Built-in functions
Another advantage of iPhone 3G was that GPS module was added which supports the mobile navigation and location search. The camera was the same as iPhone, but for the GPS, it could provide the geographic grid of the pictures. The cell phone could record the latitude, longitude and altitude of the shooting locations. And the picture element per inch (ppi) of iPhone 3G increased to 163 ppi from 160 ppi of iPhone without any improvement of the screen and distinguishability.

5. Battery
The battery of iPhone 3G was still designed as fixed as iPhone. The standby time and speaking time of iPhone 3G had increased much by comparing with iPhone. The speaking time in 2 G networks increased from 8 hours to 10 hours and the standby time increased from 250 hours to 300 hours. But the online time, music and video playing time did not changed comparing from the past. Besides, there is a tool in the sales package of iPhone 3G to help the customers take out the SIM card easily.

6. Software
The improvement of iPhone 3G in software was effective. It could support many languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian languages. And it support gesture recognition. The iPhone 2.0 firmware could support AppStore software store that the developer all over the world could discharge by free or sell iPhone software through the store.

Computer Financing – Information For Beginners

Computers are now a part of everyday life, and with computer financing they can be an affordable and useful part of your life as well. finance a TV

Thanks to increasing demand, as well as competition from wholesalers, which allow consumers to purchase separate components and build customized computers themselves, retail prices for computers have come down significantly over the years, making a computer an affordable investment for virtually anyone who wants one. What was exclusively a tool for businesses or governments only a generation ago can now have a place in every home. However, even the relatively low prices of today’s electronics market are beyond the reach of some. That is where computer financing comes in.

Think of the way we buy our cars, our homes, anything we need which carries a high price tag. With computer financing, you can buy your desktop or laptop computer the same way. A wide variety of programs are available, placing the power of computers – word processing, email, the world wide web, streaming video, and more – within the reach of almost anyone.

Computer or laptop financing works the same as car or home financing: You, the consumer, promise to pay the full price in monthly installments over a period of time agreed upon by both you and the seller. This way, you need not worry about finding money to pay the full price of your computer right away; you need only concern yourself with making the monthly payment, which, depending on how your financing deal is structured, can be as much or a little as you could reasonably afford to pay per month.

In addition, like financing for a home or a car, computer financing can even be secured for those of you with bad credit, or no credit. Many organizations exist which specialize in providing financing for buyers with bad or no credit, though the interest you are asked to pay in addition to the initial cost of the computer may be higher than for someone with better credit, due to the higher risk on the part of the lender.

The internet is filled with websites offering computer financing, and most retailers will also allow you to take home the computer of your choice in exchange for regular monthly payments. Thanks to computer financing, the world of computers, with its opportunities for commerce, communication and creativity, is now open and accessible to virtually anyone!


With Blow in Insulation, How Much Insulation Is Enough?

Building codes have increased the amount of blow in insulation that is installed in new homes. In the 1970’s, adding insulation to a home was based on economics. As a result, those homes rarely had more than 4 inches of insulation in the attic. By the mid 1980’s, the word started to get out that a warm house wrap provided a more comfortable home and, since heating and cooling costs were going up, insulation was a good thing. It wasn’t until the mid 1990’s that energy codes started to take a real close look at home comfort and energy efficiency and began to provide some real data and direction on home insulation.

Today, the amount of blow in insulation that is expected to be installed in a new home takes the whole house approach. If you place R-40 in the ceiling, perhaps you only need R-19 in the floor. But, if you put R-25 in the ceiling, you need to put more in the floor than the R-19. The whole house approach allows for greater flexibility in-house design. insulation retrofit

Four Important Insulation Facts:

1. Insulation conserves energy and increases comfort by slowing the transmission of heat. Reduces the size of heating and cooling equipment required in direct proportion to R-Value. Insulation decreases both heating and cooling costs.

Measuring Insulation Depth

2. To be effective, the surface supporting the blow in insulation needs to be air-sealed.

Blow in insulation is not a very good air barrier. In other words, air passes right through it. When air is allowed to pass through insulation it looses it’s insulating capacity. If you look at insulation installed in an attic and some of it is almost black, that is the area that has had air passing through it. The insulation filters the air and it turns dark from all the dirt and dust in the air.

3. The first 4 inches is the most important.

It’s a case of diminishing returns. Blow in fiberglass has a rated R-value of about R-3 per inch. So 4 inches would have a R-value of R-12. Double the depth to 8 inches and you would think that you have doubled the R-value also. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The first 4 inches is the most important, the second four inches is important, but not as important as the first four inches. The third 4 inches adds R-value but not as much as the second four inches.



Tips to Enhance Body Immunity

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the people have been taking the required precautions like the use of mask, social distancing, minimal personal interactions, etc. Despite the observance of these measures, it is quite important that one should possess good immunity to fight the new Corona virus infection and other illnesses.

The immune system is essential for our survival. Without it our bodies would be open to attack from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more. It keeps us healthy as we come across a large number of pathogens.

It is spread throughout the body and involves many types of cells, organs, proteins, and tissues. It has special ability to distinguish our tissue from foreign tissue. Dead and faulty cells are also recognized and cleared away by it.

If it encounters a pathogen, a bacterium, virus, or parasite, it mounts a so-called immune response. An immune response is a reaction which occurs in our body for the purpose of defending against foreign invaders. A toxin or other foreign substance, which induces an immune response in the body thereby producing antibodies, is called antigen.

Central to its ability to mobilize a response to an invading pathogen, toxin or allergen is its ability to distinguish self from non-self. The host uses both innate and adaptive mechanisms to detect and eliminate pathogenic microbes.

Innate immunity is the defense system with which we are born. Innate immunity involves barriers that keep harmful materials from entering our body. These barriers form the first line of defense in the immune response.

If pathogens successfully evade the innate response, we possess a second layer of protection, the adaptive immune system, which is activated by the innate response. It adapts its response during an infection to improve its recognition of the pathogen. This response is retained after the pathogen has been eliminated in the form of an immunological memory, which allows the adaptive immune system to mount faster and stronger attacks each time this pathogen is encountered.

Tips to enhance immunity –

The following are important tips that will help us to enhance our immunity:

Have an adequate sleep –

Sleep and immunity are closely linked. During sleep, the immune system releases proteins called cytokines. Certain cytokines need to increase when we have an infection or inflammation, or when we are under stress. Sleep deprivation may decrease production of these protective cytokines. In addition, infection-fighting antibodies and cells are reduced during periods when we don’t get enough sleep.

It is normally recommended that adults should aim to get 7 or more hours of sleep each night, whereas teens need 8-10 hours and younger children and infants up to 14 hours.

Eat more whole plant foods –

Whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that may give you an upper hand against harmful pathogens by boosting immunity. By eating all different colors of plant-based foods, we are more likely to get a strong and varied nutritional profile. In fact, whole foods, plant-based diet contains 64-times the amount of immunity-boosting antioxidants compared to a diet that includes meat and dairy.

Eat healthy oil –

Healthy fats like olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil and foods rich in omega-3s are highly anti-inflammatory. Since chronic inflammation can suppress our immune system, these fats may naturally combat illnesses. A low-level inflammation is a normal response to stress or injury. Private Label Capsules

Reduce stress –

The stress suppresses it, increasing susceptibility to colds and other illnesses. It is difficult to define stress. Most scientists studying the relationship of stress and immune function, however, do not study a sudden, short-lived stressor; rather, they try to study more constant and frequent stressors known as chronic stress.

Do regular exercise –

The regular exercise is one of the pillars of healthy living. Just like a healthy diet, exercise can contribute to a healthy immune system. It may contribute by promoting good circulation, which allows its cells and substances to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently.

Stop smoking –

Smoking can suppress it because nicotine can lead to decreased neutrophilic phagocytic activity. It can also inhibit the release of reactive oxygen species (ROS) thus impairing the ability of neutrophils to kill pathogens. Within the lungs, smoking triggers a release of inflammatory agents that lead to persistent chronic inflammatory syndrome.

Meditate daily –

It has been found that the benefit we experience from meditation isn’t strictly psychological; there is a clear and quantifiable change in how our bodies function. Meditation is one of the restorative activities that may provide relief for our immune systems, easing the day-to-day stress of the body.

Limit added sugar –

When we eat a big dose of sugar, we temporarily damp down our immune system’s ability to respond to challenges. The effect lasts for several hours. So if you eat sweets several times a day, it may be perpetually operating at a distinct disadvantage. Further eating sugary foods can produce excessive inflammation that serves no useful purpose but promotes aging and disease.

Education Schools – Training Options for Teaching Careers

When looking to gain the skills and training necessary to work in the field of teaching and education, there are numerous schools and colleges to choose from. You can pursue the career you desire by enrolling in an accredited teacher education program. Education schools provide training options for teaching careers that can be completed at various levels allowing you to choose an area of specialization that fits your interests. Enrollment in an accredited training school will help you gain the knowledge you need to enter into an exciting new career.

Preparing for a career as a teacher can require a lot of time and dedication. You have the options of choosing to earn various levels of degrees and certificates in this exciting field. Training is available at various levels including:


  • Certificates
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Master Degrees
  • Doctoral Degrees


By pursuing an accredited education at any of these levels you will need to spend a certain length of time on studies.


  • Certificate programs will vary but can last anywhere from several months to one year.
  • Bachelor degree training requires that you hold an associate degree and complete four years of schooling.
  • Master degree programs can take an additional two years of accredited study to complete.
  • Doctoral degrees require an additional four years of career training to obtain. exceptional student education


The type of training will depend on the level of education you choose to pursue as well as the specialized area of study. Accredited education degree programs are available to provide you with the schooling you need to enter into a successful teaching career.

You have the opportunity to choose from a number of specialized areas of study. These areas will help you to pursue the career teaching the subject of your choice. Training is available in:


  • Elementary Education
  • Special Education
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Physical Education


…and many other areas. You can train for a career as a teacher by completing all required coursework for the area of your choice. Training may consist of studies in psychology, English, discipline, math, science, teaching methods, history and many other subjects. Prepare for the career you long for by gaining an accredited education that provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. Accredited schools and colleges can give you the preparation you need to start the path to an exciting new career in teaching.

When looking to receive training in the educational field you should make sure the school or college you choose carries full accreditation. Education degree programs that are fully accredited can provide you with the quality training that you need to enter in the workforce. Agencies like the Accrediting Commission on Career Schools and Colleges ( ) are approved to fully accredit various career preparation programs that meet certain criteria. Ensuring that you enroll in an accredited schooling program will help you to receive the best possible education available. Start by researching and enrolling in a program today!

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at



How to Use Spying Gadgets Successfully

As in any other profession one must not only have the right tools or equipment to be successful, but also a clearly defined plan. In addition, you need to do your homework. You would not take a long road trip without knowing where you going and why.

• Define your true objective
• Understand the nature of your target, i.e.; who are you trying to survey and why? best cell phone spy apps
• Understand the target environment, i.e.; do you have free access?
• Critically access the risk to reward scenarios, i.e., is your objective worth it? Perhaps there is another way to achieve the same objective.
• Make sure you are deploying the right spying gear for the objective

In short you need to do your homework first before ever trying to use or deploy spying gear outside of recreational use.

To be successful in using surveillance oriented spying gadgets try to understand the nature of whom you are targeting. Once done, critically access yourself, your abilities, your nature, and justification for deploying the spying device. It is not advisable to engage any spying agenda without doing the later.

There are several potential legitimate reasons for purchasing spying gear:

• monitor your property, your home or a specific room in your home;
• collected an accurate record audio or visual of what was said and who said it, perhaps for legal reasons;
• investigative purposes;
• GPS Systems used to tack your vehicle if stolen or to determine your exact location or location of others.

Note: Most smart phones have built-in apps which are in essence GPS systems which are used as tracking devices. Be forewarned your smart phone can be used to track you anywhere in the world even if the phone is turned off.

What type of spying gear should you use?

There are many types of spying gear from tiny spy cameras to surveillance cameras, audio devices, or GPS systems, but in essence they all operate on same basic principle of being useful to collect information covertly whether in visual or audio format.

Spying gear can be bought for purely recreational use. However, some devices can be deployed for more serious or clandestine reasons. If you are using any type of spying gear for recreational reasons please understand spying gadgets – though entertaining – are very powerful sophisticated high-tech devices are not toys and should never be placed in hands or care of children.

To be successfully in using any type of spying equipment or gear the golden rule is do your “homework” first! Read the instructions and/or specifications of your product. Understand clearly what the device is designed to do and not to do.


Wearing A Hair Replacement System

Hair loss is a condition faced by both men and women. It is often caused from medical conditions, medical treatments, male pattern baldness or other causes. It is not a pleasant situation to face for anyone. It leaves very few options and one must face it head on and either live with the hair loss or consider hair replacement. For those who consider hair replacement there are options of hair transplants or a hair replacement system. Hair transplants can work for qualified candidates who have suitable donor hair and sufficient donor hair to cover the area of loss. It is an option that needs to be discussed with a trained professional. Take the time to evaluate the risks, cost and rate of success. If this is not an option for you for financial reasons, lack of donor hair, or personal choice then you have another option. toupee 

A hair replacement system can be an immediate solution. There is the process of meeting with a hair replacement specialist and determining your needs but the solution is very close at hand. An initial meeting will often consist of talking to the specialist about your lifestyle, the type of hair style you might want to wear, how it may be attached, hair system maintenance and care. The hair system specialist can talk to you about hair system durability, appearance and attachment options. Some systems are more durable than others. While some are very delicate they may offer the most natural looking hair. Often there is a middle ground where the hair systems look real and have reasonable durability. After all, the whole point of a hair replacement system is to have a natural looking head of hair that is not noticeable. The hair specialist can advise you during your consultation about how certain hair systems may wear based upon your occupation, activities etc.

Wearing a hair replacement system may seem awkward at first if you have suffered from hair loss for an extended length of time. When it is first attached you may feel like you are wearing a hat or something on your head. You will notice immediately that you look different, while others in public who don’t know you will never notice. That is the benefit of wearing a high quality hair replacement system; they are virtually undetectable. Naturally when you first start using a hair replacement system those who know you may notice. In a short period of time they will not even pay attention or think about it. You will be more self conscious about it just because you know it is there. You will feel completely natural in just a few short weeks and will not want to return to not wearing your new hair as it becomes an integrated part of you. It will feel and look natural because it is a quality hair replacement system. It is a terrific feeling to go from having no hair to a full head of hair overnight.

Caring for your new system is relatively easy as it is almost like caring for normal hair. You can shower with it, swim in it and wash it just like real growing hair. Special shampoos and conditioners, which are usually not expensive, help to extend the life and appearance of the hair system. Depending on the method of attachment selected by you and your hair technician your intervals for removing and installing the unit will vary. This is an easy task and is done to help extend the longevity of the hair system and also to clean your scalp. At this time your natural growing hair is trimmed and your unit is attached back with your chosen method. A good average time interval is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the system, the user and attachment method. Wearing a hair replacement system is very easy and requires very little effort or work. It’s almost like taking care of real hair.

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