Choosing the Right Password Manager

Passwords are essential to manage your accounts and maintain privacy. It is essential to understand that even after using difficult or alphanumerical passwords there are still chances of security breach. Even if you are using the latest Android version or iOS and Windows 8, you still need to have password managers. This not only saves you a lot of hassle from entering your details in similar fields but also help you manage your passwords in one place in full security.

Let us understand the benefits password managers give to you:

How to get started?

The initial process of configuring password manager involves entering your login details. Often, if you switch to another password manager then you would have to go through that similar process again. However to overcome all the hassle you can choose LastPass 3.0 version service, which helps you go past the initial process as it is capable of importing passwords from 30 other such services. For more formats and password integration KeePass is another option as it is compatible with most of the password managers. These include Dashlane 2.0, PasswordBox, and RoboForm Desktop 7. If you have yet not used any of the password managers then begin by Dashlane and Last Pass.

Additional user security

If you are concerned about your security related to the password managers then you need to know that authentication is required before accessing these applications. A master password is required for user authentication. This service provides protection to all your passwords. It is more like a vault in which you have kept all your treasure and then you seal the gate of the vault with a master password.

LastPass 3.0 and RoboForm are two such services that are based on fingerprint authentication. LastPass gives you the option of Google Authenticator that is a mobile app. However with master password it is not easy to steal it or hack your account, as a hacker would need a physical possession of the device. password manager

You need to shell an amount of $15.99 annually for synchronizing your number with iOS devices, Android, Mac or PC. If you want to add new device then you will require creating a transient code that will be generated on your Smartphone along with master password. This will follow two-factor authentication.

Automatic form filling

Most of the services will provide you help to fill up your login details in a login form. These often go a step further with filling up your personal data too wherever required.

The following list will give you clarity about different passwords:

• Robo Form is the best for filling up personal data when you attempt to fill a form detail.

• Last Pass and Dash Lane help you in capturing your details whenever you are filling up your form. It is capable of capturing different data including driver’s licenses and even passports.

• Dash Lane even formats and displays your data in a neat manner.


Every password manager is capable of suggesting you the password strength as you are attempting to generate a master password. KeePass, Norton and RoboForm are a few that will help you find out how strong each password stored in its account is. If you want then these services are also capable of generating random and strong passwords on demand.

With Dashlane and LastPass you get the opportunity to look at how each password stands on strength. These services help you recognize the strength and rating of your passwords. If there are any duplicate entries then you will be immediately alerted against it. This way you have a choice to upgrade or change your passwords.

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