Giving It All: Lessons in Humanity, Charity and Africa

Giving it All is a sequence of function articles at the generosity of people, the strength they own, and the presents they supply to the world.

There are some folks that study the sector and say, ‘What’s the use? The world is too huge for one individual to make a distinction so why ought to I even strive?’ And then there are those human beings, shining like beacons in the darkish, who look at the sector and say, ‘Why now not.”

Hayden Payne, a 30-12 months-old citizen of Australia, adds his personal bit of expertise to that thought, “To some lack of knowledge is bliss. For (others) the best burden is lifestyles in damage’s manner.” He would not hesitate to invite, “Where do you draw the line?”

Payne isn’t a member of Hollywood’s elite nor a wealthy philanthropist. He’s a circle of relatives guy, a small commercial enterprise owner, and a musician. He receives up each day and works nine-five to provide for his wife and young son. But there may be something else he is — Hayden Payne is an unsung hero; he’s a beacon inside the darkish.

In a world that makes the “Me Decade” of the Nineteen Seventies seem like a cake stroll, there are individuals giving their all to make the world a higher location. They work tirelessly to provide drug treatments for Africa’s hundreds of thousands of AIDS sufferers. They use their lone voice to teach others to the plight of harmless kids left orphaned by using the disease. They care, and greater importantly, they attempt endlessly to help others discover ways to care as nicely.

Payne has constantly donated a portion of his profits to various charities, and together along with his wife, sponsors a infant thru Compassion Australia. But it wasn’t till he ventured into the cyber world of social networking, via the website MySpace.Com, that he discovered a more calling. “I found out that it changed into a whole new community of humans to community with, proportion mind, track, and thoughts,” he said from his Queensland business, “I soon discovered (on MySpace) Brad Pitt, Bono, the band from Winnipeg, Canada, WHY and The One Campaign to make poverty records,” all operating collectively in the direction of the single goal of humanitarianism. Since then, his time spent networking with actual lifestyles buddies has melded into networking with the brand new organization of cyber buddies, ones who proportion his passion and resolution to care for individuals who are not able to care for themselves.

“It all commenced after I saw a baby woman in a dumpster on the streets of India,” he says. Although the sight Payne noticed became on a video at a church provider, it changed into an picture that has left him haunted, in particular now that he has a child of his personal. “I wake up each morning of every day with this weight on my heart that simply never seems to go away. I ask myself each day, ‘What can I do to make a distinction?'”

The distinction Hayden Payne make encircles the globe. Through his developing community of 450+ MySpace friends, he is spreading the word and introducing a brand new target market to charity businesses and international situations they could in any other case never know about. “History has told us time and again (that) one man or woman could make a difference. From Jesus Christ to Michelangelo, from Adolph Hitler to Nelson Mandela, one man can alternate the arena. You can do it with the greatest intentions or it can be your best mistake. I say in case you recognise what it’s far that you’re imagined to do, begin these days. Start writing those plans. People will come. Just start with the choice and say, ‘Yes, I will move.'”

Payne doesn’t just speak the communicate. He’s written his plan and is set to embark on it. “I’m last my keep.” he says, and the use of his musical items, he and fellow musicians are preparing to file an album which they plan to apply to fund a adventure to the West African Sahara united states of Burkina Faso, the arena’s poorest country with a according to capita profits of an insignificant $424.*

The approximate size of Colorado, Burkina Faso is not most effective confronted with burdening poverty, it’s far a rustic plagued with child hard work, woman genital mutilation, child trafficking, and even the social exclusion of accused sorcerers. “The finest delight could be after I’m standing beside a massive drill that broke the ground for water. The finest pleasure can be seeing lives modified via medicine, schooling, and construction. The greatest delight can be after I’m standing in the front of the large fella upstairs and he pats me on the shoulder and says, ‘Well carried out right and trustworthy servant.'”

Hayden Payne is aware of the venture is extensive but says, “I actually have visible many miracles. I’ve seen my wife go back to me after two years of separation. I’ve seen my beautiful son born, who is the most radiant person in my lifestyles, whilst docs advised us we were crazy if we attempted to have kids. I’m simply one character, and I’m just an average Joe who believes inside the miracle of creating poverty history.”

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