How To Improve Your Advertising Using Outdoor Media – PART 1


Bold. Eye-Catching! Attention Getting.

There are few rivals to the SHOWSTOPPING POWER of a great visual message.

Outdoor advertising historically has relied on sheer size to command attention.

Oversize hand-painted boards that measured 10′ X 44′ or as big as 14′ X 48′ were icons along major highway arteries. They supported and in some cases, supplanted television advertising for many clients.

Most offered a clear sightline and landscape dominance which resulted in nearly exclusive presence to vehicular eyeballs.

As technology evolved, and printing quality improved, the long term hand painted boards gave way to paper posters which could more readily be installed and removed. This allows you, as an advertiser, the opportunity to ‘Play Outside’ as printing costs were cheaper and posting flights could be shorter. outdoor poster holder

While cities and municipalities enjoyed their tax percentages of this outdoor boom, it led to a cluttered landscape which many cities felt devalued the hometown pride.

Tighter build restrictions compelled incumbent and new Outdoor suppliers to revamp their offerings to be more aesthetic, more harmonious with their environment and more responsible land use in both rural and urban settings.

When you’re ready to take your message in a new direction, Outdoor Media offers you a huge buffet of choices.

Differing formats. Vibrant Colour reproduction. Special ‘Snipes’ (extensions beyond regular borders), add panache and memorability.

There remains a tremendous amount of versatility when you use Outdoor advertising.

Importantly, Outdoor can be used in isolation or in tandem with other media.

One option might be to use an Outdoor Poster campaign, coupled with Television. This has been used by numerous advertisers who have extended the visual of their TV message to Outdoors for reinforcement to the broadcast campaign.

Sometimes a combination of vertical and horizontal messages work well as complements to each other. This happens in the case where you combine Transit Shelters and Horizontal Posters to continue a theme or style but have to adjust by market for the respective availabilities of different formats.

As part of a grander campaign, depending on your budget, the audio portion is satisfied through a strong Radio campaign which allows you to target specific listeners based on radio station format. This is a great platform to then introduce Outdoor Horizontal Posters, in conjunction with Transit Shelters, and perhaps magazines or On-Line ads to create multiple touch points that your customer can relate to.

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