How to Sing High – The Key to Becoming a Versatile Vocalist

I’ve been playing in rock and roll bands since I was about 15 and right out of the gate, I was the lead vocalist. God, I was nervous. Even though it was just a hole-in-the-wall bar, my family and friends were there and I was completely terrified.

Now, 10 years later, I like to think that I have a better grasp on this whole “singing thing”. Spanning all sorts of genres like rock, indie, pop, metal, and punk, I’ve developed my own personal singing techniques that I follow almost religiously.

Keep in mind, I said that these are my singing techniques and not the singing techniques. I am, in no way, suggesting that I have the end-all knowledge on how to sing because I don’t.

Support Your Voice With Concentrated Air

This is something that actually took me a little while to fully grasp the concept, but when I did – whoa buddy, did it help! It’s all about fighting your first instinct to suck in air like you’re trying to rip the paint off the walls.

Concentrated air means breathing in very casually, quickly, and with your stomach. I’m always careful not to over compensate and think that I need to take a good 3 seconds and gulp in the equivalent of a hot air balloon.

On stage, I’m actually paying very close attention to my stomach to make sure it inflates like a basketball. If you’re moving your shoulders up and down when you pull in air for you next line, then you’re doing it wrong.

It’s all about your diaphragm. It’s difficult to explain in words, but it feels like your rib cage is being slightly flexed. I keep a reserve tank of air in my basketball stomach at all times and when I need any more, I just takes little sips out of the air. factoring polynomials

Use the Right Liquids at the Right Time

I’m always drinking something when I sing. Whether it’s recording, performing, or warming up, I either have a glass of water or a diet soda with me.

And yes, I’ve heard your little spiel on how diet soda is the devil’s playground regarding what it can do to your voice and how healthy it is so save it! You look out for you and I’ll look out for me. I’ve been drinking soda for years and it has yet to do any damage to my voice.

In an easy comparison, water beats diet soda… obviously. But if all you have is soda, then drink it because you need something.

Not-So-Secret Day-Of-Performance Tip

On the day of a performance or recording session, I’ll include a cheap Cup ‘O’ Noodles with one of my meals. I’m not really a hot tea with lemon kind of person, so I need something warm & something I’ll consider delicious.

Any generic brand of noodles in a cup will do. They’re tasty and they’ll sincerely loosen up those vocal chords for the performance ahead so you’ll sound awesome. Plus, these can be a real life-saver if you’re trying to fight a cold too.

Avoid Cheese on Singing Days

This tip really kills me since cheese is one of my favorite foods, but sometimes you just have to do what’s best for your body.

Cheese is a strong phlegm producer. If you eat a couple pieces of pizza before a recording session, you’re gonna feel like you have a huge bit of phlegm stuck in your throat that you can’t get up.

Which would you rather do? Put an extra slice of cheese on your burger or nail every pitch on the track?

If You’re Serious About It, Invest In Your Skill

OK, let’s get real here for a moment. Everyone and their mother thinks they can sing. Have you ever heard a crappy local band with a vocalist who’s pitches drill into your brain more ferociously than a dentist?


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