How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Kitchen Taps

If you are planning a home renovation, you do not have to change the kitchen taps as even the major problems with them can be solved at home. Today’s faucets are generally well engineered and last for long, but they are still exposed to some challenges. You may encounter any of these problems with your kitchen faucets: screeching, high-pitched sound, leaks, and inconsistent pressure.

There are so many factors that can affect kitchen taps such as the quality of the material, how frequently you use them and how hard the water is. Many homeowners prefer to replace them during remodeling, however, if they are not so outdated, you can fix the issues and make them look like unspoiled. You should understand when your the fittings and fixtures need to be replaced and when they can be just remodeled, just like your home.

taps factory, Replace your kitchen taps if the finish is completely gone or cracked, the threads on the spout are corroded, and when replacing the parts don’t solve the problem. If none of them is the case with you, try fixing the problems. Here’s how you can fix some of the major problems with your kitchen faucets:

A Screeching Faucet – When rubber washers become too old, they harden and make an irritating sound when water passes over them. Replacing the rubber washers can fix the issue and you can hire a plumber for to get the job done.

A Clanking Faucet – If there is an irritating mechanical sound then it could be a pipe issue or the faucet itself. Reassembling the kitchen tap after going through it carefully to find if there are any cracks can fix the problem. Make sure that the pipes and taps are tightened properly.

A High-Pitched Sound – If the handle is making an annoying sound, there could be a problem with the threads of the faucet. To fix this problem, get the handle removed to coat the threads with grease and then reassemble. Greasing makes the parts smooth and they work quietly.

Inconsistent Flow – This is the most common problem with kitchen taps when the flow of water is not consistent. To solve this problem, you will have to remove the aerator and clear all the deposits. Any kind of blockage can hinder the tap’s performance and it is very easy to replace the aerator.

Water Leaks – If there is a leakage from the tap spout outlet that probably the valve washer is damaged. To make your tap work perfectly fine, you will have to install a new tap value. Hire a plumber to get the job done and it is not much expensive to get the valve replaced.

Kitchen taps are a small fixture but even a tiny issue can make you suffer a lot. With proper troubleshooting and some repairs, you can resolve all problems and make your faucets work smoothly. It is recommended to get the repair done by experienced professionals as they are aware of the more effective ways to fix the issues

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