Hypoallegenic Skincare – Not All Products Are Created Equal

It seems that everyone has allergies in one way or another these days. One of the common allergies is skincare products so hypoallegenic skincare is becoming the product of choice. Paraben-free skincare is also considered necessary to eliminate skin allergies. Not all hypoallegenic products are created equal so to understand more; please read on. best cbd skincare

Since the early1900s the number of man made chemicals has increased daily and are known to cause a number of side effects including cancer, liver, kidney, heart, hormonal, brain and nervous system disorders. A large number of these chemicals go into skincare products mostly due to the fact that they are cheap to purchase. There are very few government regulations controlling the amount of chemicals added to skincare products.

In the past I have used a so called high quality hypoallegenic skincare product on my skin only to experience a tight burning feeling followed by the appearance of redness and blisters similar to sunburn. Obviously the products contained man made chemicals. You also need to know that what is applied to your skin will eventually reach your bloodstream.

Parabens are chemical preservatives used in the majority of skincare products to provide a longer shelf life. On skincare labels you will see parabens named ethyl, butyl, methyl and propyl paraben. Studies suggest that they cause skin rashes, reactions, cancer and interference to the body`s endocrine system. From this you can see that paraben-free skincare is the better choice.

Chemical free natural skincare is preferable over products containing man made or synthetic chemicals. Also, the way that hypoallegenic ingredients are processed to be made into products is important. It is no good using a natural ingredient and then processing it using high temperatures or chemicals. Processing products using low temperature methods is preferable so as not to destroy or alter any of the beneficial compounds in the ingredients.

So, what do you look for in real hypoallegenic skincare products?

A good start would be to find a skincare company that is a member of Safe Cosmetics.org . A quiet little company that I know of will only use natural ingredients in their scientifically proven products that are safe enough to eat. They do not use any natural ingredients that have any question marks on their safeness. They provide paraben-free skincare of the highest quality and have come up with world first discoveries in skincare.


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