New Cabinets Or Reface The Old

Many owners of kitchens are installing new cabinets to add more storage spaces or when they are looking for options if they like to change the look of their kitchens.

Old houses and kitchens are often equipped with dark colored cabinets. The cabinets, although in good, solid condition can be refaced. This is a common problem for many people who are living in homes built by their parents. Many people today, especially younger couples are opting for a lighter look and feel in their kitchens.

To remodel the entire kitchen is undoubtedly, the most expensive choice. An inexpensive option would be to replace the cabinets completely or to reface them by applying a new wood veneer and installing new doors and drawers or you can opt to have them stripped, bleached and refinished which can take a few days to finish and of course more expenses. An easy and cheaper option would be to paint the cabinets.

Whilst most painting jobs can be done by homeowners, cabinetry is for a well experienced cabinetmaker to do. It’s highly recommended that all cabinet work be done professionally to get the best results possible. Kitchen cabinets also need to be evaluated before any work or repairs are done since they need to be washed with TSP or Tri-Sodium Phosphate to remove dirt build-up and grease especially for old cabinets. laminate cabinet refacing

Hardware and hinges are removed then the surfaces of the cabinets and drawers are thoroughly sanded and dusted and repairs are done for dents and scratches before a primer coat is sprayed on. A split-coat of primer and finish enamel is applied then the final coat is applied but do you know that after each phase, more sanding and dusting are done?

You must know what kind of paint should be used if you are planning to do it yourself. If you want a hard finish that resists chips and dents, the best paints for this type of work are oil-based paints and acrylic primers and enamels. Small to medium- sized kitchen cabinets will take about three days to finish.

Cabinets in exciting color combinations can be very exciting in the kitchen. You can have a look in decorating magazines or galleries online where you will find a plethora of spruced up kitchen cabinets in various colours and finishes. You can take inspiration from the different models you see.


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