The Art of Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design has become the key words when looking to revamp your home, and more people are looking for inspiration than ever before. The basic concept is where creative and technical solutions are applied to a structure, room, or building to create an enhanced environment.

Many people feel that it is simple, however, there is a very methodical, and time consuming process behind it. It is a creative process that takes skill, time, research, and understanding. Although this type of design came from the basics, the imaginations and skills have advanced a great deal.

Interior design stretches back decades, and although there have been many different designs and styles applied, the core elements always remained the same. It is believed that the Egyptians were in fact the first culture to apply interior design to their homes. They were skilled at applying different textures, colors, and materials to their homes and huts. Interior

The tombs that their noble ones were placed in were highly decorated in beautifully crafted furniture and covered in gold and gems. The modern interior design concepts have grown from all of the many years of different styles, and influences. The wealthy were often distinguished by the elaborate interior design that they would have.

Many of the Roman’s would spend hours choosing the perfect wall hangings to be displayed. People began to realize how important the interior of a home was, and that it represented the owner and their wealth. As the years went on, and interior design began to influence many homes, the Italian Renaissance began to shape modern interior design. Many homes would be shrouded with luxurious beautiful pieces.

Themes are often used in modern design, and the Italians mastered this with their expensive pieces from the Orient. Towards the end of the seventeenth century, homes would become shrines to beautiful pieces of artwork and amazing design. Rooms would have individual themes and designs very similar to the concepts of the modern design today. As pieces of furniture and interior items became more affordable average people could style their homes.

However, often they would not understand the concepts of modern interior design, and some got it very wrong. As more people struggled to perfect the concept of interior design others realized they had a talent, and an eye for creating amazing homes. Some people began to use their skills to help home owners create their visions. Slowly modern interior design was recognized as a profession, and this enabled people to establish their careers.

Even today there are specific periods throughout history that have remained popular, and these are often Greek, Roman, French, and Gothic. All of these are used today, and in the right setting each, and every one has a unique place and style. Today more and more interior designers are creating unique and stylish designs.

With the use of modern technology, computers, and design packages, creative designs are becoming used more often. Modern design is not as extreme as people think, and it is often the use of the lines, and shapes that make it modern. One person’s concept of modern is usually entirely different to another, and you need to ensure that you work closely with the designer.

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