The World of Chaos – Organized Medicine + Politics = Health Care Reform

We used to say that the two biggest lies are “the check is in the mail” and “it won’t hurt a bit.” Again and again, all their suitability conditions. On the other hand, all standard health indices refer to ours as a “quality fitness device that is not standard for the price of fitness in the international field”. Such a measure is a comparison between cost and durability. For example, Americans stay 77 years on average for a fee of four, $ 800 per person per year, parallel to the book, Canada and Japan respectively have a term-value ratio of seventy-nine years. At $ 1, one hundred, eighty-one. Five years for $ 2,100 and eighty-one for $ 2,000. Sponsor an orphan

Another degree is the toddl er death benefit according to the 1,000 live births and the U.S. a corresponding equivalent to the third world countries at age 6. Nine compared to five .3 in Denmark, four .6 in France, three. Four in Sweden and three .2 in Japan. In addition, the World Health Organization ranks The United States is about thirty-seven in the world, which places us right behind Costa Rica.

So it seems that people in different countries are getting higher results for much less price, which indicates that we Americans are paying more for lower quality services and products. Although President Obama and various politicians were well aware that treating fitness was too expensive, they seemed to downplay the fact that organized medicine had been giving royal tubes to the public for many years.

Some of the issues with U.S. fitness therapy as many other experts have noted, are as follows: Sponsor an orphan

Hospitals, nursing homes and clinics are dangerous when medical and nursing malpractice is the fifth largest cause of death in the United States.

Lack of entry into it with seventy-six million uninsured (adding illegal creatures outside the Earth) and 106 million insured;

Out of a manipulative price when fitness care is 16% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in a trillion dollars, i.e. a growth of 250% over the last 25 years;

Spending, when hospitals and doctors charge uninsured amounts in the amount of 1000% more than they receive from 1/3 party payers;

Wages at the highest rate of HMO with a high deductible that is 300% higher for people who buy directly rather than through a group;

Healthcare companies are accused of raising billions of dollars in taxpayers with fraudulent billing methods;

Doctors perform unnecessary surgical procedure with false diagnoses;

H.M.O. Members should call for approval before going to emergency rooms with outsourced call centers for non-expert professionals in India and other countries;

The management fee of DRG and CPT codes is $ 375 billion for 12 months – 25% of the prices of general fitness treatments;

Pharmaceutical businesses are praised by the FDA for toxic drugs by paying large research grants to scientific research centers to achieve positive effects;

Drug groups pay bribes to doctors to prescribe their toxic pills at a high price, with tens of thousands falling prey to facial results.

This short list of scams and bats is truly the biggest, most damaging criminal conspiracy and steepest price in history. The operations consist of health funds, pharmaceutical agencies, medical institutions and the business of doctors and politicians. In addition, with the political corruption carried out through high-cost lobbying to defeat all attempts to impose regulatory standards, it seems why we are paying such exorbitant charges for such poor health services.

To provide a further explanation for this, hospital care was usually an enterprise where the supplier decides what the consumer will buy and what type. Spouses who are engaged in fear of death, and the buyer pays any fee for treatment of any conditions. Moreover, the humans of our technology and its predecessor grew up and trusted our doctors and listened to the maximum component, to what they confirmed. Then the drugs The drugs moved from the cottage industry to business empires.

However, to our advantage, we have still stood on this “medical doctor knows first-class” mindset for decades, in parallel with the whole paradigm of ethics that has changed to the recognition of commercialism with company executives capturing financial management of fitness operations. And locating approaches to refraining from covering promotions and system leases at high prices with the pre-approval requirement scam. Once a well-intentioned physician prescribes treatment, a non-specialist decides if there is a medical need. Physicians, who were financially based on their organizational “bosses,” may need surrender. Then Congress came in and gave legislative immunity to HMOs from cases in court for improper loss of life and damages caused due to withholding of praise for subsistence care, thus

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