Using Stickers As Custom Labels

Stickers are not just for kids anymore! Even if you are not interested in using stickers as a marketing campaign, they have numerous other uses, including working as custom labels for your shipping needs.

Rotary Web Labels

If you need a lot of labels, rotary web is one of the best ways to go. This is a high speed label printing method done on a narrow web press that results in rolls of stickers. While this method can be expensive if you only need a few stickers, it is great for bulk needs. If your labeling needs require you to place orders for stickers in the thousands, this method often ends up being one of the most effective. You will receive the stickers on a roll to be fed into a machine or hand applied as needed. This method also has the advantage of allowing you to choose from a wide variety of materials and adhesives.

Sheet Fed Labels

If you have a small run of stickers that needs to be printed, then sheet fed label printing may be the best option for you. This method works best when you need overly large stickers that will not work on a rotary label press or you only need a few printed. It works especially well for one-color stickers.

Die Cut Labels

Another method for short runs of stickers is to use die cut label printing. This can give you uniquely shaped stickers or allow you to fit multiple labels on a traditional letter-size page. These can often be done on quick print presses when you need labels now, as well as on full color presses for custom results. This method does not work well for larger presses and orders, especially for the pre-cut versions. Custom die cutting orders may take longer because the company has to have a die made, whereas a typical label shape is normally in stock. Labels stickers

Uses for Labels

You might think that you do not need labels on a regular basis. But there are plenty of times where they can be handy:

o Contact information. How many times do you hand out brochures, send out a letter to your mailing list, or otherwise contact people about your business? Having premade labels can make keeping in touch easier. Get labels made with your address, phone number, email, website URL, or other contact information. Stick them to envelopes, the backs of brochures, or goodies that you give away.
o Shipping. Do you have a product that you ship out to customers? If you do, labels can make packaging that much easier. You can create sticker labels of your return address information, or create a label that you can fill out with the customer’s information to stick to the package.
o Branding. Want to have a giveaway? Have a product that needs to be identified as yours? Having custom sticker labels done is a great way to add your brand’s logo to a wide variety of products.



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