Custom Vinyl Banners Grab Attention From Even the Most Unlikely Customers!

Vinyl banners in all shapes and sizes have been around for ages. Vinyl banners are one of the most popular types of signs out there. They offer the most BANG for your buck when promoting your business, event, school or organization to people all around you. Custom banners have come along way over the past few years making it more economical to print full color banners instead of plain, one color vinyl banners. It is also cheaper and easier to print larger custom banners.

Vinyl banner signs open the door to make a long lasting impression on potential customers. Pretend you are walking through a shopping center. Most shopping centers have a lot of shops, packaging centers, cafes, etc. You are not there for any specific reason just browsing through…

What would you notice first?

  1. The packaging store with a few small “Ship Here” signs on the door
  2. The coffee shop with the “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” chai tea latte special decal on their window
  3. The full color vinyl banner that fills the store front at the travel agency showing a cruise special they are offering to the Bahamas


I don’t know about you, but I can smell the ocean and feel the sand under my feet just looking at that full color banner in the window! The agency’s custom banner grabbed my attention even though I was far from shopping for a cruise package.

But why choose custom banners over other kinds signs? Wide Roller Banners

Full color banners are offered in a many different sizes, have simple installation and require very little assembly. Vinyl banners are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be mounted to buildings, hung across streets, attached to light poles or simply mounted to the inside of a travel agents window. Plus, depending on your needs, vinyl banners can be made either single sided or double.

They are especially ideal for temporary promotions, city events, grand openings and so much more. They roll up so they are easy to store, are economical to ship, yet still offer the WOW factor!

You wouldn’t want to replace your roadside sign or backlit store front sign every time the weeks special changed or you had a sale. You do not want to have to buy a new wood sign every time you have a fundraiser in your city. And you surely don’t want your back storage room to be loaded down year round with your Holiday Specials Signs because you needed to make a BIG impression last holiday season, and can’t roll your signs up and tuck them away!

In many cases, custom banners are the most logical and economical decision. They offer limitless options to give you a BIG impact no matter what your message is or who you’re speaking to. Vinyl banners help you leave a lasting impression without spending a fortune or taking up all of your storage space.

Are all vinyl banners created the same?

Not exactly. Vinyl banners can be made on many different weights of material ranging from 10 ounce to 16 ounce. The standard weight for most uses is 13 ounces. This is the most often used banner material out there. It is a nice, heavyweight material that is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. And vinyl banners can still be made the old fashioned way on manufactured banner material with vinyl letters and graphics applied to the surface, but most sign shops today digitally print all banners whether it is one color or full color. This way everything is printed directly from the computerized file and there is less room for manual error. The other advantage is that there’s no vinyl for people to tamper with or remove to cause damage your sign.

There are several ways to finish your vinyl banner, from the way they are hemmed to the way they are to be mounted. Most sign stores offer taped hem or heat sealed edges. You can have sewn hems done or no finishing at all. No finishing is okay for one time or occasional use. Taped hem or heat sealed edges offer a finished look with long term durability. Sewn hems are needed especially for street banners and other larger exterior banners that will be exposed to more wear and tear.

Other finishing for vinyl banners can be determined by how exactly it will be used or installed. Grommets, also known as eyelets, are quite popular – they are typically applied to every 2 feet of banner so that you can install your vinyl banner with rope, zip ties, suction cups, etc. Other mounting finishes include pole pockets, sewn in rope, webbing, D rings and Wind Slits.

All serve different purposes, have different uses and range in cost, depending on the size of your custom banner.

Where do you begin to create vinyl banners for your business?

  1. Choose a main message – Don’t overdo it – keep it simple but BOLD!
  2. Figure out how far away it needs to be visible from – Will your audience be walking by, driving by, or seeing it from across the street?
  3. What colors do you want to go with?
  4. Any logos or specific graphics you would like to include?
  5. Where do you plan to put it?

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