Is Windows 10 Spying on Me for Microsoft? Yes, Microsoft Wants Your Info

Whether you are just starting to look at Windows 10, or you have been upgraded since pre-release you might have wondered about just how much information Microsoft is stealing exploiting selling “using to make your experience better”. The truth is that Windows 10 sends a lot of your information to Microsoft. Now whether that’s a good thing or not depends on what features you find critical and how much you value privacy. Phone Spy Apps

So what type of information is Microsoft obtaining? By default, Microsoft will collect your Contacts, Calendar details, keyboard use, location history and browsing history among other things. To make things worse you could disable these collections only to find out that they have been re-enabled automatically by Microsoft through an update or reboot.

So what’s the beef? Why does Microsoft care about how many times I have searched for funny cat photos on the internet? Well, Microsoft is trying to create a customized experience that is unique to you. In order to do this, they need information about you like what you your interests are and where you go on the web. This enables them to do things like post funny pictures of cats to your homepage. Also this information feeds into the new AI Virtual Assistant in Windows 10 called Cortana. Per Microsoft Cortana can give you reminders based on time, places, or people, Track packages, teams, interests, and flights, send emails and texts, manage your calendar and keep you up to date, create and manage lists, chit chat and play games, find facts, files, places, and info, and open any app on your system.

So there is a lot of value for you the user by allowing Microsoft to have this information. However, you are not only allowing Microsoft to have this information you are also paying for the bandwidth to deliver it to them. In the end each person will need to decide for themselves if the benefits are worth the non-existent reduced privacy.

“So how do I turn off these features”? you might ask… There are multiple third party utilities on the internet that will automate this process and keep the settings disabled through reboots and patch install. However, you should be careful what software you find as there is a lot of malware on the internet that claims to prevent data collection in Windows 10. Additionally, you should be aware that by disabling collection of data you will prevent features like Cortana from working as the information those features are dependent on won’t be available.



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