Parking Dynamics Review

Hi I bought the parking dynamics pd1 sensor about 6 weeks ago and I wanted to write a review for people who may be interested in buying one for themselves, or just want to know a little bit about the the parking dynamics pd1 sensor. I only recently passed my driving test a few months ago and my confidence out driving was not very high.

I struggled with parking big style and I would often drive around for ages trying to find a space with no cars anywhere near me in case I made a bad mistake. street parking north sydney

I go to college in the city and trying to find a good open space to park my car isn’t easy. I was looking around online and in a few car shops for a cheap parking sensor. Most of the ones I was looking at either were too expensive or looked awful on the car bumper.

I looked around online and came across the parking dynamics product on their site. The site gave out a lot of useful information about the pd1 sensor that I was interested in buying and it was all easy to find and navigate about.

The parking dynamics pd1 sensor first attracted me because it looked simple and discrete because I did not want to start drilling holes or trying to fool around with the body kit to much.

There are three available parking dynamics sensor the pd1 front and rear and the pd1 vision sensor but I am going to concentrate on the pd1 front and rear sensors as these are the ones I bought.

The parking dynamics pd1 sensor uses electromagnetic technology and what this does it that it greats an electromagnetic field of energy around the front and rear of the car. This electromagnetic field can detect any object such as a person, parking car, lamppost, garage door/ wall e.t.c from as far as 80 cm away and can guide you as close as only 15 cm.

The parking dynamics pd1 sensor is universal and works with almost all car manufactures and I use it for a 2002 vauxhall corsa.

I don’t often order online but when I was ordering the parking dynamics sensor I was pleased to find that they were at a discounted price. They were £69.97 each down from £119.99 or you could buy the front and rear package for £129.97. I thought I would go for it because the site was offering a 30 day money back guarantee and came with 2 years free warranty which was a good bonus.

The site said the product was in stock and that if I ordered within the next 2 hours that i would receive my parking dynamics sensors by Friday this was on the Monday so I thought that would be a suitable time.

The delivery came on the Friday like it was stated so I was very happy and both the parking dynamics pd1 front and rear sensors came together.

The parts looked small and very compact but they seemed strong and durable. I read through the instruction manual and it seemed easy to do and went through installation step by step, also online it shows videos of how to install the parking dynamics pd1 front and rear sensor.

There are only 4 parts to each of the parking dynamics sensors a small speaker which produces the noise as you approach and object the different pitch and speed tells you how far away you are, and this can be mounted anywhere in the car. A small compact little switch that controls the power of the sensor, I mounted this underneath the dashboard and it easy to reach and out of sight.

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