The Best Women’s Reading Glasses for Oval and Round Face Shapes

Not all women’s reading glasses would look good on just any woman. This is so because faces differ in shape and reading glasses suitable for a particular face shape may not look great on another face shape. It is therefore necessary that you know your face shape before you attempt to buy a pair of women’s reading glasses online. blue hero lenses

Why Buy Your Eyewear Online

You can’t try them on, but you can choose from a plethora of women’s eyewear that may not be available when you buy them from stores, unless you really want to gas up and check from store to store. Thus, buying online gives you more options. You can compare prices as well; avail of free shipping incentives, and check out new stocks before they hit stores.

Do not forget to check forums, blogs and product reviews as these interactive sites often give valuable information that you may find useful. Also, do not hesitate to email or phone in your questions to several dealers in your area about warranties, shipping information, and other ordering information you would need, in case you decide to do business with them. Do not hesitate to ask about those “fine prints” that may cause problems.

These are but some of the advantages one can enjoy when shopping online that are not available to her when she shops from store to store. However, it is advisable that one should read about styling guides to determine if their selection of readers suit their face shape and skin tone.

Eyewear Tips for Round and Oval Face Shapes

To minimize your risk of buying a wrong pair of readers, it would help if you know these “tips” on how to pick a pair of reading glasses for oval and round face shapes:

1. Most women’s eyeglasses suit an oval face because it is said to be the “face of reading glasses.” The width of an oval face is proportionate to its length, but it looks longer than it is wider. Square frames look good on oval faces.

2. Similarly, a round face has also proportionate width and length, but it has a curved appearance. To minimize the “plump look”, choose narrow frames. Round frames would maximize the chubby look of the face, so you should avoid wearing one. It is a rule of thumb in choosing women’s eyeglasses to find a contrast between the shape of your face and the shape of your glasses.


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