Wearing A Hair Replacement System

Hair loss is a condition faced by both men and women. It is often caused from medical conditions, medical treatments, male pattern baldness or other causes. It is not a pleasant situation to face for anyone. It leaves very few options and one must face it head on and either live with the hair loss or consider hair replacement. For those who consider hair replacement there are options of hair transplants or a hair replacement system. Hair transplants can work for qualified candidates who have suitable donor hair and sufficient donor hair to cover the area of loss. It is an option that needs to be discussed with a trained professional. Take the time to evaluate the risks, cost and rate of success. If this is not an option for you for financial reasons, lack of donor hair, or personal choice then you have another option. toupeeĀ 

A hair replacement system can be an immediate solution. There is the process of meeting with a hair replacement specialist and determining your needs but the solution is very close at hand. An initial meeting will often consist of talking to the specialist about your lifestyle, the type of hair style you might want to wear, how it may be attached, hair system maintenance and care. The hair system specialist can talk to you about hair system durability, appearance and attachment options. Some systems are more durable than others. While some are very delicate they may offer the most natural looking hair. Often there is a middle ground where the hair systems look real and have reasonable durability. After all, the whole point of a hair replacement system is to have a natural looking head of hair that is not noticeable. The hair specialist can advise you during your consultation about how certain hair systems may wear based upon your occupation, activities etc.

Wearing a hair replacement system may seem awkward at first if you have suffered from hair loss for an extended length of time. When it is first attached you may feel like you are wearing a hat or something on your head. You will notice immediately that you look different, while others in public who don’t know you will never notice. That is the benefit of wearing a high quality hair replacement system; they are virtually undetectable. Naturally when you first start using a hair replacement system those who know you may notice. In a short period of time they will not even pay attention or think about it. You will be more self conscious about it just because you know it is there. You will feel completely natural in just a few short weeks and will not want to return to not wearing your new hair as it becomes an integrated part of you. It will feel and look natural because it is a quality hair replacement system. It is a terrific feeling to go from having no hair to a full head of hair overnight.

Caring for your new system is relatively easy as it is almost like caring for normal hair. You can shower with it, swim in it and wash it just like real growing hair. Special shampoos and conditioners, which are usually not expensive, help to extend the life and appearance of the hair system. Depending on the method of attachment selected by you and your hair technician your intervals for removing and installing the unit will vary. This is an easy task and is done to help extend the longevity of the hair system and also to clean your scalp. At this time your natural growing hair is trimmed and your unit is attached back with your chosen method. A good average time interval is 4 to 6 weeks depending on the system, the user and attachment method. Wearing a hair replacement system is very easy and requires very little effort or work. It’s almost like taking care of real hair.

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