What’s That White Smoke From My Car Exhaust?

Smoke from your car tells you that there is something wrong with the car, different smoke from exhaust indicates different problem, like the white smoke. Depending on the symptoms we can find the cause of the problem. When the white smoke occurs when the car just warmed up is an indication of condensation that’s steaming off and it’s normal. This condensation is formed inside the engine when the car is park overnight and when the engine is started this will steam off this will cause a white smoke that comes out the exhaust when the car is running. bongs online

However, if the white smoke occurred at any engine temperature then that is a problem. In this case it’s an indication of a blown head gasket. The head gasket is the one that keeps the water from entering the engine cylinder, if the gasket is damaged it will allow the water from reaching the cylinder head, this water will burn as steam the steam will then pass through the muffler out the exhaust pipe.

To correct the of problem of blown head gasket you’ll need to bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the gasket and check if it is necessary to replace the blown head gasket, this should solve the problem. As for the condensation that occurs there is nothing much you can do since it is normal from car engine to produced condensation. So next time if you noticed white smoke from exhaust of your car don’t just bring the car to a mechanic instead do your car diagnosis first.


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